WooCommerce Auto Cancel On Hold Orders

Developed by Emanuel Graf on 2022-01-16 based on the reason that there was simply no solution packed in a plugin around for this problem.

My problem was that I wanted customer to be able to pay for their orders by bill. When they would not pay their bill, their order should be automatically cancelled after 10 days or so, in order to free up resources and just to have a nice shop without years-old unpaid orders laying around.

Therefore, this thing got invented. Another crappy plugin that won’t be updated in years 🙂 Still, if it helps you, you’re welcome.

The Functionality:

  • The admin can set the time interval, after how many days an order should change from «on hold» to «cancelled». If no days are set, the plugin won’t set anything to cancelled.
  • The admin can choose whether the «order cancelled» notification email should be sent to the customer. For this to work, the «order cancelled» notification email must be enabled in the woocommerce «Emails» tab.
  • The admin can set for which payment methods the orders should be cancelled. Only active payment methods are listed. Be aware that if you select a payment method here and afterwards disable it in woocommerce, the payment method is still active for this plugin.

You can help develop this plugin further by forking it from my GitHub:


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